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Software Engineer Intern - Fuzzy Distinct

Design and implement a new component for detecting duplicate data entries in databases.
3 months ago

✨ About The Role

- The internship focuses on enhancing Dataiku's data preparation framework by developing a new component to detect duplicate data and improve data quality - Responsibilities include getting familiar with Dataiku's data preparation recipes, designing new components, and developing user interfaces - The role involves working with Python, Java, and JavaScript/Angular to support the enhancement of the distinct processor for fuzzy matching - The intern will contribute to helping customers clean up their databases, detect duplicated information, and reduce them to a single line - This position offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI technology and contribute to the future of AI at Dataiku

⚡ Requirements

- Ideal for a student with a passion for data and AI, looking to gain hands-on experience in data preparation and database management - Requires strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to improve data quality and accuracy - Ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic environment with a diverse team of experts in data science and AI - Prior experience with Python, Java, and JavaScript/Angular would be beneficial for developing new components and user interfaces - Strong communication skills to assist users in understanding and reducing data overload
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Software Engineer Intern - Fuzzy Distinct
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